Olivier Hess

Born in Germany to French and German parents, Olivier moved to London as a teenager and has lived there ever since. Here he studied Photo-Media, and as part of his education spent six months abroad in Finland where he started to establish his own personal style which is evident throughout his work.

Growing up with three languages has not only been a good foundation for learning the craft of production across different countries, it has also shaped the many shoots he led while assisting international advertising and travel photographers – it still proves to be a strong asset today.

For the past nine years he has been successfully establishing his own business, building up long lasting relationships with agencies, magazine publishers and direct clients. He now works with a team of skilled people who collaborate with him on photographing and filming interesting commissions and projects around the world. From personal projects with oil wrestlers in Turkey to advertising campaigns for Carl Zeiss in Germany, Olivier enjoys the diversity that comes with his work and adapts easily to new situations.

Clients include:

ABB Group, Airbus Group, AkzoNobel, Apple Inc., BASF, Baxter International, Beats by Dre, Bilfinger, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, BMW Group, Carl Zeiss, Commerzbank, Comet, DB Cargo AG, De Beers, DÜRR AG, Fujitsu, Gaggenau, Gateway Real Estate AG, Georg Fischer, Girocard, Google, Hamborner Reit AG, Jaguar Land Rover, Jamie Fobert Architects, Leifheit, Mini, Moser Vernet & Cie, Obi, Range Rover, Sennheiser, Shell, Siemens Healthineers, Spire Healthcare, USM, Vitsoe, Volkswagen, Warner/Chappell Music.