Lika Razac-Ince

With a good eye for an image, Lika began his career as a designer and quickly advanced to senior level, producing campaigns at some of London’s top creative and design agencies.

As his skillset grew he managed huge campaigns end to end across all forms of media from print, digital TV and social - working alongside high profile photographers, directors and artists for brands like Just Eat, Honda, Canon, Unilever and Uniqlo at agencies like Dentsu, Kamarama, Wunderman Thompson and Havas

Lika’s design eye merged with his commercial and production experience and he found himself increasingly behind the camera, where he found his voice as a photographer. Under his social pseudonym Oi LOOK his work has caught the eye due to his natural talent for capturing truly authentic human moments. From intimate candid style portraits to beautifully observed, organic compositions, he instinctively knows how to capture the story and beauty across life.