15 January 2019

Hugh Johnson takes a look inside Andrew Wongs new restaurant venture - Kym’s

Andrew Wong has been tipped for a 2nd Michelin star after the rave reviews at A Wong and new City venture Kym’s.

Funded by the White Rabbit, Hugh has shot all their restaurants, Kricket, Lina’s, Kym’s, A Wong. He has really enjoyed working in varying environments with lots of different light sources, busy chefs and amazing food

London’s restaurants have created the most exciting food scene in the world with influences from around the globe. It is one of the most interesting areas of photography, learning something new every day

Andrew Wong

Fried chicken chop

Chinese herb poached and glazed chicken

Kym’s, Bloomberg Arcade

Vegan January - the best Szechuan aubergine ever

Booth table upstairs 

Kym’s Thai salad

Suits you Sir?

Jimmy, head chef